At Peninsula Soccer Club player safety is our first priority. All members of the Peninsula coaching staff are required to pass the Sideline Sports Doc Injury Prevention exam which includes best practices for assessing injuries including those to the knee, ankle, neck, and head. Our coaches understand that if they have any suspicion whatsoever that a player received trauma to the head, they must immediately remove the player from competition/ practice and wait for the clearance of a doctor. Peninsula coaches will err on the side of caution when it pertains to any head related injury. 

To address recent continuations in concussion research, Peninsula will also adhere to the US Soccer recommendations to eliminate heading from games and practices until U11 and will severely limit the practice of heading at the U11-U13 age-groups. Coaches will use only careful and approved measures to teach proper heading technique at the appropriate ages. 

Please read the following concussion documents to educate yourself on the best way to care for your child's safety:
ConcussionPocket Guide
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