The Peninsula Youth Soccer Club is comprised of over 30 boys and girls teams

Peninsula Mission: 
Our mission is to create a challenging and fun learning environment where every child is pushed to their potential as a soccer player while also aided in building important life skills such as leadership, dedication, hard work, and teamwork. 

Peninsula Style of Play:
Players will develop a strong technical base so they can solve pressure in tight spaces. They will play an attacking style possession. Players will learn to make their own decisions on the field and will not rely on coaches to direct them during the game. Creativity and player problem solving will be highly valued. We will cultivate a strong sense of team and community so that players feel proud to wear the Peninsula jersey and represent their club. 

Peninsula Core Values:

  • Teamwork
  • Development
  • Enjoyment
  • Respect
  • Community

These teams compete at various levels with an overall goal of ensuring that all players are playing at the skill level most appropriate for them. If your child has a passion for soccer and is interested in taking their skills to the next level please refer to the Teams page link, identify the appropriate age bracket, and then contact a team manager
Tryout information - The Peninsula Youth Soccer Club is always looking for special players who have the internal drive and passion to take their play to the next level.
If interested in trying out for a team, please contact Val Henderson for Girls' teams or Mike Sharabi at for Boys teams.
The Player Development Pathway
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