Camps and Clinics Descriptions

Thirty players from two of the best premier-league division teams in Sweden were divided into two groups; one group received additional specific hamstring training, whereas the other did not. The extra training was performed 1–2 times a week for 10 weeks by using a special device aiming at specific eccentric overloading of the hamstrings. Isokinetic hamstring strength and maximal running speed were measured in both groups before and after the training period and all hamstring injuries were registered during the total observational period of 10 months. The results showed that the occurrence of hamstring strain injuries was clearly lower in the training group (3/15) than in the control group (10/15). In addition, there were significant increases in strength and speed in the training group. However, there were no obvious coupling between performance parameters and injury occurrence. These results indicate that addition of specific preseason strength training for the hamstrings – including eccentric overloading – would be beneficial for elite soccer players, both from an injury prevention and from performance enhancement point of view.
Corresponding author: Carl Askling, Department of Sport and Health Sciences, University College of Physical Education and Sports, Box 5626, SE-114 86 Stockholm, Sweden

Speed/Strength/Agility Training

Comprehensive Speed and Agility Program: 

During these speed and agility clinics, players can expect to take part in a comprehensive speed and agility program used by professional athletes. Areas of focus will be:
  • Calisthenics which help strengthen the entire body, develop coordination, flexibility, and endurance which are all essential for soccer. 
  • Plyometric training to increase explosiveness and power which will give players the extra edge they need in competition. 
Sessions will also be geared towards injury prevention and keeping our players safe and healthy.

Position Specific Clinics


Our position specific clinics are geared towards players looking for focused coaching on their particular position. The clinics will be run very much like a college Spring in which players are divided into their specific playing units to have concentrated repetition on key components of their craft. 

  • Receiving and holding players with back to goal
  • Turning 
  • Making dangerous and effective runs 
  • Finishing from all angles
  • 1v1s 
  • Scoring mentality
  • high percentage finishing to strikers.

  • Final pass
  • Changing point of attack
  • Finishing
  • Making dangerous and effective runs
  • Transition 
  • Smart defending
  • Playing out of pressure and the 5 R's- receiving, retention, range of passing, running with the ball, and releasing skills.

  • 1v1 defending
  • Timing and decision making in the tackle
  • Awareness of crucial spaces
  • Choosing the correct shoulder
  • Winning balls in the air
  • Running through the ball
  • Timing
  • Changing point of attack
  • Building out of the back 
  • Transition
  • Forcing
  • Traveling as the ball travels
  • Communicating
  • Positioning 
  • Crosses
  • Handling
  • Setting up a wall
  • Distribution with feet and hands 
  • Diving
  • Footwork
  • Organization
  • Presence
  • Keeper Psychology

Saturday Skills Clinic

Skills That Thrill!

Hone your dribbling, passing, shooting, and moves !
Technical skills development is the most critical aspect of training in the youth game. Expect to get many touches on the ball with all different surfaces of both feet. Play in small sided games. Work on passing short and long, moves, guiding the ball, decision making, and more!

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