By Valerie Henderson 04 Aug, 2017

Dear Families,


Please enjoy the August PYSC Newsletter. This month will feature the following:


• Peninsula Parents Night

• Peninsula Players in Player Development Program

• Summer Pro Camp 2

• Peninsula Summer Tournaments

• U17WNT in China

• Peninsula Moves to SportsEngine



Peninsula Parents Night

Please join us for Peninsula Parents Night this August 28th from 7:30-8:30pm at the Rec Center in the Wind Room. Here you will meet Directors of Coaching Val Henderson and Mike Sharabi for a presentation on Peninsula Soccer Club. During this presentation, we will review useful information about our club including the club’s core values, pathway from club entry to club graduation, coaching expectations, player expectations, and upcoming programs for the year. This will also be a great time for you to ask questions you may have about the season as well as make suggestions. Your feedback is always valuable. Whether you are a new or returning member, you won’t want to miss parent’s night!




Peninsula Sends Players to Development Program

 This August 3rd, the Player Development Program, or PDP, will hold tryouts for the 2007 boys and girls age-groups. PDP was developed as a way to identify and bring together top talent in the region for high level training and competition. PDP works alongside clubs as an additional opportunity to increase player development and exposure. Upon being selected for PDP, a player is invited to various trainings and competitions throughout the year. In addition to the many other Peninsula in this PDP program, Peninsula is pleased to announce that Strikers Blue players Brooklyn Morgan and Kellyn Murphy from Strikers Blue have received invitations for this upcoming tryout.




Summer Pro Camp 2

 We had another awesome week of camp to round out the Summer Pro Camps. Our summer camps intend to combine fun and skill. They provide a cool opportunity for players to meet kids from other teams they wouldn’t normally play with, be challenged by a new coaching voice, and get exposure to new players’ skill sets. The camps are also an opportunity for players to get outside their bubble socially, be challenged to lead and demonstrate in different situations and learn to take a supporting role and listen when necessary. Lunch time afforded us some hilarious karaoke flops, and chilling mystery riddles. Make sure to study your trivia for the next camp. Example questions: 1. Where is the next men’s World Cup?? 2. What happens if, when it’s your goal kick, you kick the ball into your own net??

 Take a peek at camp’s daily topics:

 Monday: passing technique

Tuesday: dribbling, moves, 1v1

Wednesday: shooting, instep technique, creating shooting opportunities

Thursday: review of passing skills, competition day- tactics/ strategy/ teamwork




Peninsula Summer Tournaments

 This summer many Peninsula teams competed in an array of tournaments. Tournaments have a lot of value for different reasons. They give players the chance to face competition they would otherwise not meet in league or local competition. They also give players a glimpse of what teams across California and the Nation are able to do. Finally, they afford a really fun bonding opportunities for players, often consisting of overnight hotel stays and road trips with the team. Many players regard away tournaments as some of the most fun they have in all of club soccer. Players hang together between games and get to know each other better as well as challenge their legs to compete in 4 matches on a weekend. Parents too enjoy tournaments as participation gives them the opportunity to plan fun potlucks and team parties. For teams that decide to opt out of summer tournaments- there are opportunities to guest play. Finally, major tournaments may offer chances to get recruited by college coaches.

 This summer Galaxy Competed in the San Diego Surf Cup , a high-level tournament that received 1,500 applications this year across the boys and girls age-groups and boasted over 300 college coaches. Talk to your coaches about how you can get your team involved in more tournament play!



Henderson joins Coaching Squad for U17 Girls National Team in Four Nations Tournament

 This July Girls Director of Coaching Val Henderson spent 11 days in China assistant coaching with the U16 Women’s National Team. The squad stayed in Weifang where they competed in a four nations tournament against Japan, Canada, and China. The USA ultimately took second place in the tournament, losing to China 4-5 in a very intense final match.

 “The things these players can do at such a young age is incredible. These young women are not only showing extremely high technical ability, but they’re also making tactical decisions that are extremely smart, creative, and in tune with the demands of the game. It’s inspiring and gives me added excitement to what we can do at the club level” Val Henderson.

 This group will continue to have domestic and international games over the next year as they take their campaign to win the 2018 FIFA U17 World Cup in Uruguay. You can follow the team at .



Peninsula Moves to SportsEngine

 This summer Peninsula moved to a new registration and payment system called SportsEngine. All teams and players in the club will now use the new system in order to streamline the registration process and ease the demand on our volunteer managers. Rather than being collected by the team and manager, now all registration payments and team fees must be paid online through SportsEngine. This means no registration, no player card!

 We are still working through the kinks of the program, but are excited about the future efficiency of this new process. We ask that all families and players register as soon as possible to avoid any hold ups in player passes.




Thank you for reading this month’s Peninsula Soccer Club Newsletter. If you have an idea for a feature in a future issue, please reach out to Val Henderson at .



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